How To Process Replacement Of Motor Vehicle/Cycle Lost Number Plate In Uganda

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Replacement Of Lost Number Plate In Uganda

You can process a replacement of a motor vehicle or motorcycle lost number plate in Uganda by following a set of instructions as shown in this guide. Whether you have lost the front, back, or both number plates, rest be assured that following these instructions below will act as a guide towards helping you obtain duplicate registration plates for your motor the right way.

It is important to note that when processing the duplicate number plates for your motor vehicle or motorcycle, certain requirements apply with the difference in what you are supposed to produce to URA, and or do being the reason. For example, in situations when all number plates are lost, a motor vehicle/cycle physical inspection and report by a URA officer is mandatory as an attachment, while in situations where only the front or back plate is lost one only needs a newspaper advert and a police report in order to process.

Regardless of the reason you are processing your motor vehicle duplicate number plates, this post will act as a guide right from steps A-Z. And by the time you read all contents here, you will be able to do the above without the need for an agent. The same procedure applies to damaged and stolen plates.

Requirements for processing duplicate number plate

  • Police report
  • Newspaper advert
  • Duplicate document MVR application form
  • Motor vehicle inspection/verification report (both plates lost) –
  • Owner ID copy or stamped cover letter

As you see above, URA has a set of requirements that must be presented to the officer in order for your duplicate number plate application to be processed.

Steps to process duplicate number plates with URA

  • Obtain police from any nearest police station or post. Since this is mandatory, the letter must bear the names of the owner (or any other person who reported the loss, including the registration number of the vehicle/cycle.
  • Visit any newspaper company of your choice eg, Bukedde, Newvision, Monitor, Redpepper, etc, and place an advert. The advert runs in the local daily and bears the registration number of the lost plate. The newspaper must have been out for 14 days before submitting your application.
  • Log into your TIN and make an application for the duplicate document. The MVR application must be signed, or signed, and stamped for non-individuals. See below on how to do it.
  • You should take the vehicle to URA offices in Nakawa or any other authorized branch office and do an inspection for the report to be issued.
  • The owner’s ID for individuals and cover letter for non-individuals must be attached.

Generating Duplicate document MVR application form

  • Log into your TIN on the URA web portal
  • Hover under “Motor Vehicle”
  • Click “Applications”
  • Select “New form”
  • Select “Duplicate document”
  • Enter the “Vehicle registration plate”
  • Fill in all other details and click “Next”
  • Select “attachments” you have, and next
  • Click “Register payment” and next
  • Click “Submit”
  • Print the “MVR application forms” and bank payment slip
  • Pay the “duplicate number fees” to the bank

Attach the duplicate application form, the duplicate bank payment receipt, the police report (to whom it may concern), the newspaper advert (the original full page where the advert appeared), Laboratory report from Police Ballistic Expert (no longer applicable), inspection form from URA, and a covering letter in case of a company, parastatals, and other institutions.

Please note that you may be required to attach additional requirements like the motor vehicle logbook and identity verification like an Identity card in the case before submitting it. Once you are done, you will be ready to submit all of the above at the processing location you selected during online application creation eg Ministry of works and transport licensing office URA Nakawa, Central, Kampala South, Entebbe, Jinja, etc.

After your application has been approved, you will be sent an email to your TIN registered email address confirming this and where you should go to pay for and collect your new (duplicate) registration plates.

How To Process Replacement Of Motor Vehicle/Cycle Lost Number Plate In Uganda

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