How To Promote Your Links Using Reddit For More Web Traffic

For those of you who know Reddit and how it works, you must be understanding what I am meaning when it comes to web traffic boosting but in case you are not yet known to this awesome way to improve your blog hits, then you should continue reading this.

Reddit is a social sharing site where thousands of people worldwide go when it comes to sharing and totally anything. Whether its a business message, a party talk, an idea, a lifestyle way or anything else, Reddit does accommodate you and freely so as to help you improve traffic to your links.

Unlike other social networking sites you may know for example Facebook, Twitter and any other you know and how they work when it comes to account creation, Reddit does it differently as you are only required to choose a user name and a password while you enter your email at your own risk, and something which makes many have that deeper love for sharing on Red-dit.

Okay, I know you are already wondering how to get started in order to boost your traffic and what you have to do in order to achieve your goals not so? Here we go..

1. Create a Reddit account for free. You need nothing like verification.

2. Copy your link (the one you want to drive traffic to).

3. Click on Submit new reddit and paste your link. Use the fetch title and description option to get your link details.

4. Choose your main category and a sub-reddit and hit submit.

You are done.. The more links you submit, the higher your chances of getting traffic to them. You can as well comment on other relevant posts while adding your link (please don’t overdo it).

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KWS Adams

I am KWS Adams, author at Blogging is my Passion and I love writing and sharing about everything. More about me.., You can also reach me via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Whatsapp so we Talk more!!

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  1. Kevin Bell says:

    Adam, I read the whole post to be true I am not very impressed with your content first your post is very short and you have not shared that reddit don’t allow self promotion and can banned your account in this case how will you treat I am sure you will take it as positive comment and will back with new post where you have researched the whole concept and share it to your readers instead of this I would say don’t stop writing it still ok but not better dear.

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