How To Publish Your WordPress New Posts Instantly From Your Desktop Using BlogDesk

By publishing your New Posts or Entries on your WordPress Blog using BlogDesk, I am referring to Creating an article directly from your desktop without opening a web browser just like many people do from time to time. What you are soon discovering is something which took me time to learn and basing on my tests, I came to know that how advantageous this option is for example, it helps you over come slow page openings which are encountered when using a web browsers, gives you the opportunity to create, edit and review your new posts thoroughly while offline before uploading them and do so many other functions as the admin of the site or any of a website registered users.

BlogDesk is a desktop application which gives an opportunity to enjoy all the above mentioned services with a single click thus allowing you to create and instantly publish your WordPress website posts without opening a browser. The application supports both Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 respectively. The BlogDesk application includes a United Stated English dictionary in addition to 13 other languages including but not limited to German, British English, Italian, French and many others which help the user to ensure correct content spellings.

How To Get Started?

1. Download BlogDesk from their main website. It takes a few seconds depending on your connection speed.

2. Install the application and run it when done.

3. To Add your WordPress Blog/Site, open File and scroll to manage Blogs.

4. Click on New in the Popup box, enter the name of your Blog and click on next.

5. Enter your website URL or address, click next and select your Blogging platform for example WordPress and click next.

6. Enter your Entry point URL for example and the port for example 80.

7. Enter your Blog login name and password after clicking on next and next again.

8. Click get BlogID and wait for the application to retrieve your BlogID.

9. Click next and Get Categories and continue clicking on next until you finish.

How To Create and Publish A new Post

1. Click on File and scroll to New.

2. Enter your new post Title and start composing your article in the post body.

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3. Use the ABC tab to check and correct your spellings and any other tag as you may wish depending on what you want to correct for example Bold letters.

4. Choose the category for your new article and make a choice on any other available option for example publish after upload or any other.

5. To save your post as draft, open file and select save or save as.

6. To publish, click on the green Upper arrow and you will be done.

The next time you want to create a new post, try this application and you will be done. Remember, BlogDesk is free and can it takes only a few minutes to get started just like you see this post.

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