How To Receive Money On Nepal PayPal Account

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Are you in Nepal? Do you want to make use of PayPal in full? How about being able to Receive and Send Funds from and to anywhere and anyone? I know you might have been missing this already and that you are eager to know what you need to get started and how you can be able to do it not so?

Regardless of whatever your reason may be but provided you need to have a fully verified PayPal account which can receive funds in Nepal, all you need is to stay tuned and keep reading this entire post as you will discover how to do it and what you need to do.

By default, PayPal Nepal is only limited to sending funds for example paying for goods, items, products and services other than receiving and for this, many people who do work online in addition to selling online and operating in Nepal tend to miss the payments feature and which is vital when doing any business.

But now worry, just like a friend of mine who lives in the same Nepal did ask me how he would set up an all features supported account and now that he has it working well including recievibg payments, below is what you should do just like he did.

1. Visit PayPal website and select your country. Chose one country neighboring Nepal for example China and set it as your country.

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2. Continue to fill in the form with all required information from your Names to Phone number. All you need is adding a generic phone number to pass step just like on the address option.

3. Verify your email address and your account will be ready.

4. And to verify your account, you can visit any bank in Nepal which supports Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards and apply for one which you will use to verify your account. You can as well apply or a free Virtual credit card and do the same.

Please note that your address should remain China other than Nepal. And once you are done with verification, you can get to the step of how to withdraw your funds since your account will be ready to receive.

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How To Receive Money On Nepal PayPal Account

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  1. Thank you so much. I had wanted to receive money in Nepal and was wondering how. Nice post and will try it out.

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