How To Receive Online Donations Via PayPal Without A Website

Helping anyone to do a fundraising or a donation campaign are part of what PayPal, one of the top online payment processors and financial services provider does to the the public whether one has a website, blog or any other webpages to add the donation button or not. Donations are part of what makes charity and non-profit organizations fulfill their duties and objectives although, even persons and individuals can too gain from seeking funds through donations depending on ones target or need for funds or money.

PayPal does offer many many services to the public and private individuals among which include the donation buttons which can be added onto ones website or blog so as for others who would wish to support a cause or as an appreciation for a service offered or just to give whatever they can using the button. The fund donation button provides different payment alternatives to those who wish donate including credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, PayPal account and sop forth where by one chooses his or her preferred type, enters the amount to donate, enters his or her information like names, email address, billing address, credit/debit card numbers, expiry date, CVV and another other and once the information is verified by PayPal, the payment is sent.

Whether you have a website to place your donation button on not, it is very possible to accept and receive donations from well wishers and in case you were wondering how that can be possible, just keep reading in order to know how it can be done.

How To Setup/Create A PayPal Donation Button?

Setting up and or creating your donation button is very simple and all you need to do is to follow the simple steps below in order to be successful.

1. Visit the PayPal button website here whether you are logged in to your account or not.

2. Click on create your button now and wait for the page to load.

3. Choose your button type from the drop down menu and select donation.

4. Enter your service name which can be your organization,  etc and add your donation ID if you need since its optional.

5. Click on customize button link to personalize your button if you need (features include selecting the button size, linking to your own image and others), and or simply leave that option and continue.

6. Select the currency you want to use from the drop down menu and too choose if you want your donors to contribute any amount they want or for you to set a fixed amount.

7. Enter your email address and click on all steps to finish or simply click on Create Button.If you have a PayPal account, you can log in.

How To Use The Button Without A Website?

1. On the next page for Generated code, choose email instead of website, copy and paste the code on a notepad or word-pad.

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2. Now log in to your email provider and navigate to signature settings.

3. Paste the saved code and you will be done.

Whenever you send an email message, your donation link will be viewed by the recipient which will increase on your chances of receiving multiple donations. If yo want to Donate to us, Click here.

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