How To Register An LLC / A Business In Rwanda

Having your Limited Liability Company/Business registered in Rwanda is a requirement and a must do for all who are who want to operate and or do business legally and in the accepted manner. And just like how it happens in other countries like Uganda LLC Procedures, etc, with regard to forming and or starting a company, it is the work of the Office of the Registrar General (ORG), a government institution which was established in 2008 to take on the functions of Rwanda Commercial Registrations Agency. The Office of the Registrar General takes on all duties and functions related to business registrations, company registrations, implementing and developing related laws, supervision and monitoring of commercial activities, maintaining data and registrar with regard and so many other responsibilities.

In order to register an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or a Business in Rwanda, a country which is considered to have the easiest and less time consuming registration process in the whole of the East African Community, below are the step by step processes.

1. You can visit the Office of the Registrar General website to download all the necessary application forms and or simply walk in to the same office offline and get started.

2. An Application letter with details like the names of the applicant, place of birth, sex marital status, nationality, name of the business, activities of the business, the location of the business, business trade marks if available, passport photographs and others for example the articles and memorandums of association for a company.

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Upon submitting of all the above, a certificate of incorporation/business certificate is issued upon payment of the required application fees.

The same office is the one which can be approached by those who want to register Trade marks, Trade names, Non Governmental organizations both Local and International and many others. On average, it takes a maximum of two (2) business days to have the company registered in Rwanda.

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