How To Register for VAT in Uganda

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vat act UgandaWondering how to easily register for VAT in Uganda? This tutorial is a step by step guide containing all the procedures from applying to registering for VAT in Uganda. Like we may all know, Value added tax is a “consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale”. You can read about the same in detail here.

In Uganda, registering for value added tax is required to those who qualify. If you have finally made up your mind and decided to register for this tax, of course you must follow the set procedures in order to fully register. Uganda revenue authority, the official taxing agency of the government of Uganda has in place certain steps which are mandatory for any one who wants to register.

Who qualifies to register for VAT?

According to Uganda revenue authority website, anyone who falls under the below automatically qualifies to register. They include the following below. Please note that in here, we refer to a person as; An individual, a company, partnership, trust, Government and any public or local authority.

  • A person who carries on business activities or intending to carry on business activities is required to apply to be registered for VAT, if the turnover of taxable supplies of the enterprise for three consecutive calendar months exceeds or is likely to exceed Shs12.5 million. The annual registration threshold is 50 million shillings.
  • A person being a national, regional, local or public authority or body which carries on business activities or intending to carry on business activities is required to apply to be registered for VAT regardless of the turnover.
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Requirements for VAT registration in Uganda

  • Internet connection
  • Computer with MS Excel installed
  • Printer
  • TIN (Register if you don’t have one).

The VAT Registration process

1) Without an active TIN number – Begin by downloading TIN and VAT application forms i.e DT1001 and DT1011. You can as well follow our URA TIN registration procedures. Upload back the forms and as well take the hard signed copies to any nearest URA branch office. Your application will be evaluated and approved, you will be issued both at once.

2) With working TIN Number – Begin by logging into your TIN using your account credentials and follow the below procedures.

  • Click E-Registration under e-Services.
  • Click on E-Registration Amendment for Non-Individual.
  • Checkbox for VAT – NEW registration.
  • Fill in all required details and click Submit.

Once you submit the form successfully, a new page with acknowledgment details will show up, and which you should print out. That is all, you can take your printed acknowledgment paper to any URA branch office and see what next. Your VAT registration will apply.

How To Register for VAT in Uganda

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