Get Statutory Declaration URSB Stamp For MoWT Vehicle Transfer

Payment PRN for Statutory Declaration URSB Stamp

A URSB stamp is mandatory on the statutory declaration document when processing for a Forced or Manual Absentee motor vehicle transfer through the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT). Attempting to submit such documents to MoWT motor vehicle licensing without the URSB stamp automatically means rejection or query assuming the receiving officer doesn’t notice the stamp absence before receiving.

Those who have tried doing so can witness the above, while those who didn’t know how to generate the payment registration for Statutory declaration can share how much they were made to pay to those who knew the procedure. Personally, I was able to access the URSB offices with all required documents compiled including the payment receipt which made me spend only a few minutes at the counter.

Just like it is mandatory for Forced or Manual Absentee motor vehicle transfer applications to pay stamp duty for bar code attached issuance, the same applies for statutory declaration and URSB stamp.

It should be noted that previously when motor vehicle licensing was still under URA, the URSB stamp wasn’t a requirement. But ever since the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) took over the motor vehicle licensing in Uganda, a lot has changed including the mandatory URSB stamp, the stopping of clearing agents (kayungirizi) from accessing the MoWT vehicle licensing office, and many other rules.

If you want to ease your work and cut on the time spent at URSB offices, I advise you to learn how to generate the stamp duty payment registration so that you can make the payment in advance to avoid double work. And below is how to generate the payment PRN to be paid at the bank or POS service.

Steps to Register Statutory Declaration Payment PRN for URSB stamp

  • Visit
  • Click “eServices”
  • Click “Payment Registration”
  • Click “Other NTR” under Tax head
  • Enter the “TIN Number” of the Transferee
  • Select “Uganda Registration Services Bureau” under Ministry/Department/Agency
  • Select “Business Registration Department” under Department
  • Select “Registration of Documents” under Service
  • Select” Stamp Duty-Documents of monetary value – Document register” under tax head name
  • Type “3” under number of copies
  • Enter “Given text”
  • Click “Accept and register”

At this time, your payment registration number will be generated and a print page where you can print the assessment will show up. You can proceed to the bank of choice or POS service like Payway and make the payment of 30,000/=.

Final Verdict

While the process of registering URSB stamp payment PRN for a statutory declaration may appear a complicated process, it is very easy if you follow the steps above. Since the whole concept looks geared at kicking away the kayungirizi, you can also kick the same off your way by doing things yourself and saving a penny. Remember, you should make a copy of the Notice of motion, Order, ID, Card, Original Declaration plus 2 photocopies before you submit.

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