How To Register/Get Your Ugandan National ID Faster

The Ugandan government through the Internal affairs ministry kicked off the long awaited National Identity Card Project which is intended to see all national acquire ID Cards like it is in the different countries in Africa and the world at large.

When the National Identity Card Project was announced as commenced, many saw it like a dream and just like many other programs have always been announced but with some not living to reach the intended and expected targets and goals or outputs. Its for this reason that in the beginning, many took things for granted not until they saw their friends and others who had registered started getting their ID’s.

Yes, the project looks to be a success and which has attracted so many in need to registering in order to get theirs now that the National Identity cards seem to be having more than a single value for example working in banks, western union, money-gram and in many other points others where an Identification is required.

With the above, there is a question which seems to bother so many – how to register and get an ID faster. And below are some of the tips you can follow if you really want to achieve the above.

1. Make sure that you have supporting documents which can clearly identify you. These can be a local council (chairman issued) ID-card, a voters-card and any others as may be required.

2. Go early to the registration point. Yes, the earlier the better. With many waiting, you need to be at least among those who are to be served first. You can allocate a day purposely for that, wake up early and rush to the point.

3. Know what you need to answers. Yes, when filling the forms, you need to fill it with the truth information and which shouldn’t be biasing.

4. Keep your registration copy until you get your card. The copy which is given to you back is required when picking your ID. You should present it for faster processing.

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5. Seek information from supporting staff on how to go about anything and when to do it.

Please note that the exercise is currently stopped and will resume after the coming 2016 general elections – subject to change.

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