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We all know what FanBox is and how it works, which means that I won’t be repeating again what has been previously blogged or written. Well, by reading entirely this post, you will discover the quick way that any FanBox user can use so as to be able to remove the payment details which are known as the Account protection Information such as the Credit Card information, the PayPal info and others which are added in cases when a user wants to verify his or her account to 100%.

Despite what different people talk about the legality of Fanbox on the different review sites, forums and others including on Hubpages, there seem to be one common question which is not easily understood by the different members both on Fanbox and other internet users who continue searching for Fanbox related information, and which is the issue of Cashing out.

When I joined Fanbox the first time, I thought that everything was as easily as joining Hubpages, creating a post and have it approved, link Adsense account, activating the Hubpages Ad Sharing program if one likes in addition to affiliate programs like eBay and start earning money not knowing that this was a wrong conception.

Like you may know all the steps involved like with FanBox like the I Will Pay Later (IPL), Boosting and more other in addition to the IPL processing fees before one eventually cashes out his or her earnings, I personally found this way after spending some good days having failed to locate the information anywhere after having made up my mind on with regard the need to protect my Bank finances safer without any authorized third party to deducting and that is why I am sharing just in case there might be any other person looking for the same option, and below is how.

1. Log in to FanBox and click on the My Account tab located on the right hand side corner.

2. Click on Account settings, wait for the page to load and click on edit next to My Account Protection.

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3. You will see a popup box with the Are you sure command, click on the Remove account protection.

You will be done and the next time you want to add your account protection as it is referred to, you will need to repeat step but this time adding.

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