How To Remove & Stop Duplicate Joomla Meta Descriptions In Search Results

Joomla Duplicate Meta Tags Lets look on how to solve and get rid of the Duplicate Joomla Meta Descriptions in search results. If you own a Joomla-powered site, you should be knowing what am trying to mean. They indeed make your site look as if it only has one content and which may hurt it in search engine ranking and positioning. In this post, you will discover a very simple, easy and quick way to have all of those Joomla website duplicate meta descriptions right away from search engine results so as to have a better optimized website which can help you to double your web traffic since visitors will be able to see all of your other page and content keywords without seeing only a the same over and over again.

But before we look at the solution, lets first see what causes this. By default, Joomla content management system has the Global and site-wide Meta configurations where one can set the site-description including the meta keywords. Additionally, there is a manual position where you can be able to add specified page or post meta-keywords and description which tends to override the Global settings when well used. But it happens that many Joomla users will not make use of the positions and which leads to such duplicates.

How to solve the problem? Step by step procedures..

The automated way – Regardless of the number of articles and posts you are having, this way can help you remove all of the duplicates on your next search engine ping. You simply need to search download any of these SEO/Meta-Plugins, upload it in your extensions directory, activate it, configure it and you will be done.

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Go to Google webmasters tools assuming you already verified your site and submitted its sitemap and use the Fetch as Google-bot feature.

The Manual way – On every new post, click the post configuration and enter your preferred description/keywords.

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  1. Rhoda says:

    Thank you so much. This is what exactly I was and have been looking for. My Joomla blog had so many duplicate descriptions. I hope it is cleared within a few days. I am using your suggestion. Thank you so much.

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