How to Replace Lost Uganda National ID

How_to_replace_lost_Uganda_national_ID_ycbryt (1) With the national ID becoming a must human need in Uganda, the need for anyone to own it is hot. Yes, this same ID is mandatory when it comes to getting certain services for example registering a mobile telecom SIM card.

If you have lost your Uganda national ID and wondering how to replace it, this tutorial is for you. I personally went through the same after pickpocketers took away my wallet which contained my national ID along Mini Price on Ben Kiwanuka road.

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The best side is that no matter how you lost your Uganda national ID, the national identification and registration authority (NIRA) put up specific procedures which people with lost ID’s should follow in order to get replacements. And I tried this after loosing mine and thank God it worked.

Requirements to apply for Uganda national ID replacement

  • Police to whom report
  • Dully filled and signed NIRA form 11
  • Proof of replacement ID fees bank payment.

How to process a national ID card replacement in Uganda

  1. Begin by reporting the loss of your ID to the nearest police station.
  2. Obtain a Police to whom it may concern on the same.
  3. Visit
  4. Navigate to Forms > Forms for Registration of Persons
  5. Download Form 11 Application for Replacement of Lost Defaced or Damaged National ID Card.
  6. Fill the downloaded form correctly and sign it.
  7. Visit
  8. Generate and print the National ID card payment PRN.
  9. Take the Payment form to the bank and make a payment.

You should now attach all the above including filled form 11, police letter and bank payment reciept and submit them to Kololo for validation. Once you are done, you will be told where and when to pick your replacement Uganda national ID card.

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