How To Revive A Dead Lenovo Thinkpad T Series Laptop Battery

revive lenovo battery dead not chargingLet me show you how to revive a dead Lenovo Thinkpad T series laptop battery and put it back to work. I have tried this myself and the results were great. In fact, I nolonger worry about buy replacement batteries since this trick works for me. If your were wondering how you could too do this, you got to read on.

As far as I know, a dead laptop battery will show not charging, won’t charge, won’t turn on or even light up. And if by any chance it does, then it can’t hold up power for a single second once the source is put off. And worst, you can’t sale it off unless you reall know how to sell used stuff for cash.

This is what I exactly went through when my T65 completely failed to charge even after trying out the different tutorials I read online. And if you don’t want to buy a lenovo replacement battery, then try out the 3 alternative ways you can try to revive your dead laptop battery.

3 ways to revive a dead laptop battery

#1. Freeze the battery

While too much coldness can be harmful to humans, this is not the case a dead laptop battery. Once this accessory completely fails to charge, you can start by freezing. Yes, I froze mine for 12 hours, put it aside for 30 minutes, fixed it back on the laptop and it worked. This option is not a permanent solution, and not suitable for lithium types. Also, you should cover it well in a polythene kind of protector to protect water from entering it.

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#2. Force recharge

Like we do direct charging for phone batteries, the same can apply to laptops. If you know what to do (where to connect the positive and negative wires, and also having a direct charger outputing a slight more power eg, 12.v from the normal 12v – over voltage), then you can force a recharge. I tried this with the help of an expert technician and it worked, though not a permanent solution too.

#3. Take the battery off the laptop for some months

This is my trusted option. I have used this and it’s been working for many of my Laptops including my TOSHIBA Tecra 15.6 inch HD Business Flagship High Performance Laptop. What happens is simple – once the battery is dead. Take it out and keep it anywhere safe for a few months (can even be a full year depending on other alternatives you have). Once the current one you are using does the same, simply replace with the one you kept before and you will see it working.


Written by KWS Adams

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