How To Scan Viruses From Any Computer Files Online Free

When it comes to computer safety, scanning for virus from all files of ones computer is one way for one to remain secure both online and offline since in many cases, many computer owners have turned victims of many situations like Identity theft, their operating systems being hacked, Installing malicious and dangerous files and many others which makes many end up loosing what belongs to them to third parties who take use of them using illegal means. The same situations above and many others have been worsened by the increased number of Free offers online which include software downloads, applications and many others from the different sources among which are completely untrusted.

And just like you know that many people have no active anti-viruses, anti-spywares and others related installed on their machines due to one reason or another for example for fear of slowing their computers and others, many end up opting for online free scanning tools although sometimes its very hard to tell which exactly works as per ones needs and requirements. On the internet assuming one makes a thorough search on the same, you will find many free providers for the same although many will prompt you to either pay and or to install their software version in your computer and which to many like isn’t possible due to one or another reason.

And to help you ease your search for the free online virus scan providers, I have compiled a list of where you can visit and perform your scan for free just like you see below.

1. VirusTotal – Virus Total offers a 100% free online computer files virus scam in addition to allowing you scan files with a total of 64 MB’s. With their service, you can analyze and detect all possible suspicious files and threats including the Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Malware and others. And if you are not so sure of the website you want to visit, you can too use their URL scanning service and know where you are going. And all you need is to visit

Online Virus File Scanning

2. Metascan – These also provide an online free file scanning service and proud them selves to be using a multiple engine malware scanning technology. You can reach them by visiting to get started.

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3. Jotti’s Malware Scan – You will be able to scan any suspicious files through the use of the different anti-virus programs.

Others include Kaspersky Virus Scan, Bitdefender Quickscan, ScanThis, Eset and many more.

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