How To Send/Transfer/Pay Money Online Using Western Union

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Western Union is the world’s largest money transfer service. whether one wants to send funds, pay for goods or services, receive gift cash, etc across the whole world, WU is well known for its simplicity, convenient,ce and a bigger network with branches almost in all countries and major cities across Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.

As a user of Western Union services, what I know is that WU does offer the best services which are both secure and convenient whereby once you make a transaction with Western Union, you are guaranteed of getting what you want whether acting as a recipient or a sender. With the best transaction fees, you are ready to go.

A few days back, one of my friends sent me an email asking me if it was possible for one to make a Western Union transaction using online services just like it happened to other money transfer service providers like PayPal and that if it was possible, how would one do that?

The question above prompted me to write this entire post other than only responding to my friend only as I thought that there might be many others who happen to ask themselves this very question, and below is how to send/transfer/pay money funds online through Western Union. You can also check out the sendwave money transfer app.

Note: Before you get started with making your Western Union Online transaction, you need to have a WU account which you can easily create for free by visiting their WU website, clicking on the registered account, and entering all the required information including the ones below.

  • Your full names
  • Billing address
  • Billing phone number.
  • Alternate Phone 1/2
  • Age and any other.

How do you send/pay or transfer money

  • Log in to your Western Union account and go to Our Money.
  • Input the names of the recipient (to who you are sending the money)
  • Enter the address of the recipient.
  • Choose your payment option for example a debit card or a credit card (must be issued by a US bank)
  • Fill in any other additional details like Test Question and Answer if the receiver is located in countries that require secret questions and answers.
  • Follow all other prompts and confirm.

You should get a confirmation email at this point with the MTCN, the 10-digit money transfer control number which you will send to the receiver with the test question, test answer, the amount sent, from whom the money is coming, the country where the money is coming from and any other as required.

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