How To Send/Recieve/Read Hotmail & Yahoomail Email Messages Using Gmail

Do you own a Gmail email account and would want to use it as your default email there by using it to access all your other email services for example from Hotmail, Yahoo-mail and or a different Gmail email account? How about sending, receiving, reading, forwarding, deleting, trashing and doing anything else you would do while logged in to your Hotmail or Yahoo mail email account with your Gmail account? I know many people would love such a thing although the problem is not knowing how to exactly go about this service.

The good news is that it is very possible to do the above regardless of which email provider whether consultant, mail, bux or any other you want to make readable using your Gmail email provider. Gmail by default has this feature and it is additionally free for use by anyone and setting it up does not require much time since within a few seconds, you can be able to set everything and thus enabling you to receive and even read all your emails from a single account.

If you are interested in learning how you can do this by your own self, all you need to do is to keep reading the entire post since by the end of it, you will have known how you can do it and below are some of what you should do.


1. Active and working Google account (Google-mail).

2. Working third party or other service provider email account with access to them.

Steps To Follow To Get Started

1. Log in to your Gmail email account (the one you want to use for reading, sending, receiving and doing everything else with you other emails).

2. Click settings on the top right hand side while logged in next to Account and wait for page to load.

3. Click on accounts and select add new account.

4. Enter the email address of the account you want to get its mails and follow prompts.

5. Now log in to that very email account whether Hotmail or Yahoo-mail and copy the code sent to it from Google.

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6. Go back and enter that code in the field required and hit verify.

7. Tick the reply email using the same email account it was sent to and save settings.

Now you can sit down and wait for all your mails in a single Gmail account. All mails will have a copy sent to it and you can reply to the sender using your original mail without logging in to it but while using Gmail account.

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