How To Create 301 Permanent Link Redirects On Blogger Blogs

Also known as URL moving, 301 Redirections are very useful when to any Website or Blog be from Blogger or any other since they help in minimizing if not permanently getting rid of all broken, migrated, moved, rewritten or deleted links. A well 30w redirected link not only allow the human users know how a link they are visiting was moved for life but too helps non human visitors like search engine crawlers and robots to learn where the link was moved to and thus helping the Webmaster with his or her search engine optimization practices.

Just like we may be know it well that all Webmasters aim at NOT losing any visit to his or her Blog, the same happens to visitors since many of them hate visiting 404 error pages and sometimes with no help like site search since many take such as a time wasted and therefore being one of the leading reasons why sites loose visitors for example those who would have made return visits or e bookmarking your webpage not because the Website has no contents but rather, the site is not well Optimized to user needs.

If you had not known how 404’s hurt your Blogger Blog and others indirectly, make use of the free Webmaster tools for example Google Webmaster Tools and or Bing Webmaster, add and verify your site and use the Crawl error option, you will get to know what I am meaning. And if you at least know it already or even not yet, just keep reading since this Article will help you to learn how you can create and or set up 301 permanent redirections for all of your Broken or related Blogger links and below is how to go about it. Check out the same for WordPress Blogs.

1. Begin by searching all of your Blog links which return a 404 page and note then down. You can use some online free tools which serve that particular purpose and or use the Webmaster Crawl error option.

2. Now log in to your Blogger Blog, Click on the Blog you want to set up redirects and go to its settings, an option which you will get to by scrolling below.

3. Click on Search Preferences and then Errors and Redirections.

4. Click Edit on Custom Redirection and Select Add New Redirect.

5. Input the Old URL or the broken link in the From field and the new or destination URL in the New URL field.

6. Check box on Permanent, click save and then on Save changes and you will be done.

Blogger 301 Redirection settings

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Please note that you will be required to repeat the above option on every URL you want to 301 redirect.

Settings, search preferences, Errors and redirections, Custom Redirects, Edit, New Redirect, From (old URL), to (new URL), Check permanent check box, save, save changes. Repeat action on every new redirect

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