How to Set Up a Home Network! A step by step procedure

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Home Network Set Up

Remember the first telephone or landline phones? You probably have read about it in books; How did they work? How did they connect? And other related questions. It is due to the central hub which shared power and created a connection.

The hub is a central connection for all your network equipment. Let’s proceed with this discussion by involving the home network.

Is your home network slow? Frequently need to fix it? Let’s do something to stabilize it. Good home setup is pretty easy to install.

Firstly figure out which connection you wish to have for your home?

  • Wired network
  • Wireless network

Wired Network

Wired network prefers Ethernet over UTP cable and fetches a faster signal, which is an important aspect especially for a gamer.

Wireless Network

A wireless network is easy to install and there are no more annoying wires/cables exist to trouble you. It allows easy access to devices like smartphones, tablet, and another electronic gadget to help you connect globally.

Here is a list of the best equipment which you need for starting a home network:

Internet connection

Get an internet connection from a Local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Usually, a modem/router is rented by ISP.


Of course, it is mandatory to establish a network. The word ‘modem’ stands for modulator and demodulator. It converts analog into digital signals when the data is received and further it converts digital into analog signal when the data goes out.


A router is hardware equipment that delivers the connection to different devices. It provides Wi-Fi signal security.


Direct attach cable is one of the networking hardware used to transfer signals. It is a shielded high-speed cable with SEF connectors at each end to connect the switches to routers and servers.

Devices to enjoy network connection

Have your device to entertain yourself with a fast network connection. Get a Wi-Fi address and enter a password to leverage quick communication facility.

Step by step guidelines to set a home network:

  1. Plan a setup
  • Make up your mind where you want to have the internet connection placed?
  • Which connection do you want to prefer: wired or wireless?
  • How many devices do you want to connect with a wired network?
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Create a list like a shopping list and gather all the network accessories you need for a stable network connection.

  1. Set up modem

In most of the cases, your ISP comes to your place to set up the modem. But if they don’t or you are facing some problem, you can do it by reviewing some simple steps.

  • Merely plug in the designated cable into the modem
  • Plug in the power
  • Access the light
  1. Home network router

For a good network, the first thing we need is a good router. As we discussed earlier, the router is offered by the ISP. Network features and Wi-Fi coverage are sometimes horrible. During these circumstances, you need to place a router where you want to have a wireless connection.

Google ‘the best router to purchase’ and see several agencies will be flooded to advertise their product by announcing its features- speed, how many Mbps it can handle etc. Of course, these things matter but what else should we never overlook:

  • Manage – prioritize simple to use web interface
  • Speed – the number of packages it can pass per second
  1. Setting up Wi-Fi

Home network for Wi-Fi access:

  • Network name (SSID)

Here you can give any name to your wireless network but avoid using any personal information because it might visible to your neighbors.

  • Network mode

Choose mode out of wireless-B, G, N and so on.

  • SSID broadcast

Scan the network connections to get the list of networks. If you turn off this broadcast option, then every time you have to type network name and it even secures your wireless network.

  • Security

Change the default password for your network security.

  1. Connect your devices

Once the Wi-Fi setup is done, you can add your devices to a network connection.

A few years ago, we tackled with wires all around at our home just because of a wired network connection. Presently, a huge appreciation is deserved by technology. By following the above procedure you can too set up the home network to make it more efficient and technologically advanced.

How to Set Up a Home Network! A step by step procedure

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