How To Show Or Hide Widgets On Specific WordPress Pages

Hide widgets on specific wordpress pages

If you are looking for an easy way to show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages, or even posts, then you are the very one who must not miss this post. Since a widget may contain anything from an Advert, a category, a tag, a link, an image, a banner, etc, there are situations when one prefers to hide them on specific pages for example, Ads on a 404 error pages.

Whether you are looking forward to turning particular widgets on your WordPress site from being static to dynamic, what you are soon to discover below will surely help you to do whatever you need provided its something to deal with the display of the above on your website or blog.

You should note that the different WordPress themes tend to have different customizations where by others have an option to hide hide widgets on specific WordPress pages by default. while others have nothing like that.

For example, when one of my WordPress sites was hacked, and a phishing redirection file placed on the hackers targeted page, the page turned into a 404 error after I managed to delete the hackers file and thus, I had to hide widgets on those specific pages in order to prevent Ads from loading onto them.

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This is how I was able to find Dynamic widgets plugin, which I installed on my site and everything worked as expected. I was able to hide widgets on specific WordPress pages from being displayed, which is why I chose to share it with you.

How to hide widgets on specific WordPress pages using Dynamic widgets

  • Log in to your WordPress site as Admin
  • Go to plugins and select Add new
  • Search for Dynamic widgets
  • Click on Install and activate it.
  • Go to appearance and scroll down to Dynamic Widgets
  • Personalize as you wish

Click on Edit link on the Widget you want to hide or show, expand or toggle it, select option and save settings. You will be done and all you need is to repeat all steps om all of the Widgets you want to hide. To show widgets, simply use the same option and select YES to show.

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