How To Sign Up For Paperless Statements/Bills With Your Service Provider

Paperless form of statements and billing which is also known as e-statements, e-bills and many others is one growing alternative which many services providers in the financial, banking, sales, telecom, engineering, gas, computer, technology, credit cards and other sectors have been switching to and continuing to do so due to the high demand by their clients and too the need to save nature by protecting the environment.

In the past, everytime you would talk of a paperless statements, one would either refer Walmart financial, Chase bank, discover, suntrust, wellsfargo, bank of America, tdbank, citibank, kohls or many others but guess what, to date has been a growing additional number of providers in the different sectors who have switched to Paperless e-bills and now that its what most customers need when compared to the hard ones.

Personally, I was very surprised when I got 3 calls from my Gas, Electricity and Telecom provider letting me know how it was important to switch to the e-Services since it would save me more time although I never knew that they had the feature already.

And just like I never knew about that, its the same thing which happens with many clients since most of the providers don’t publicise the feature addition unless one either visits their website or makes an inquiry with the help desk apart from a few who make all info available.

Therefore, if you want to switch to this online paperless form of billing, follow these simple steps below to get started.

1. First, you should inquire with your provider to know if they support the feature and if they do, follow number two below.

2. Visit their web page and either create an account or log in if you have it already. You should ensure that the details you fill in match with your existing offline account. You should inquire with your service-provider for help on what to fill and how to do I.

3. Now verify your information and log in to your account.

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4. You are most likely to see the Switch or Subscribe link to Paper-less option which you should follow.

Please note that this is a generic version but the different providers may have a different way of registering. What is important here is for you to switch so as to start enjoying the benefits involved for example, you get rewarded up to $10 with Walmart Financial after your 2nd Paper less state-ment.

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