How To Solve WP Visual Editor Not Working In Firefox – The Simple Solution

For some of you who are currently using or ever tried to use Firefox Browser when creating a new post or even editing a WordPress article, you must have noticed that sometimes, the Visual Editor, which is based on What you write is what you see doesn’t load most of the time if not at all. When you take a search with the same topic using any of the search engines like Google, you will notice that so many posts and threads have been written on the same issue although most of them will not offer a valid solution other then the threads remaining open since everyone does attribute this to his or her own reason for example, others mention that its an upgrade from any previous WordPress version to another, others mention of this being as a result of plugins used while others attribute it to slow connection, others on the Browser version and so forth.

Personally, I have been facing the same problem for some time now not until I offered a full day to try out the different solutions, something which helped me get the one I can now trust and too which works at least. Below is how I overcame the same problem and which is the very solution you can adapt to solve your problem.

1. Log in to your WordPress site, the admin back-end.

2. Navigate to Plugins and Click on Add new.

3. Type “Google Libraries” without quotes in search and hit search plugins.

4. Install the Use Google Libraries Plugin and Activate it after.

5. Now go to Add New Post, load the page and refresh page assuming what loads isn’t what you need.

You will be able to start using your Firefox browser right there to compose and edit posts in addition to adding tags.

Other Alternatives for the same include Using a different browser like Opera, Safari and other browsers.

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