How To Solve/Fix Google Analytics Redundant Host Names Issues

The solution and fix. Redundant Host Names Issue is one common error which many webmasters get in the accounts through notifications. And yes, for those who have their websites linked into their Google Analytics account, you must be knowing what am talking about, but for those who have no sites in there, may be its high time you get everything set since it will help you know and find out some of the possible errors your website or blog might having without you knowing.

Regardless of whether you have your website as an Adwords user or for Webmastering, the fact is that this Google Analytics Redundant Host Names issue is very common but no wonder, this tutorial will help you learn and find out how to solve it and have a great site which has no errors.

But before we get to the answer, one needs to know what exactly causes the error above. And to so many out there, many hardly know the exact cause well as a few might be knowing. But still, the common causes of the error just like the names sounds – Redundant Host Names is the mapping of the two host names for example the naked and non-naked domain names for example, and appearing to be different sites when indeed they are one.

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Google Analytics Redundant Host Names Detected

How To Solve The Google Analytics Redundant Host Names Error Issue

Google Analytics Redundant Host Names Solution

This is the part many of you are interested in right? Okay, the solution and or the fix is below. It is very simple and very easy. All you need to do is to make a redirection of the two host names to the one of your choice for example the pointing to the version and or vice versa. You can use a 301 redirect and or a adding the wwww and the @ pointing to the one of choice in your domain control panel.

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