How to Stay Safe in Uganda in 5 Easy Ways

How to be safe in Uganda Whether you’re planning to travel to Uganda for a tour, a new employment opportunity, research, Business trip, family visit or one who resides here permanently, this article shares with you the top 5 easy ways on how to ensure that you are safe.

Staying safe doesn’t discriminate whether one is a national or foreigner. Safety means both the individual and his or her property. And this is what exactly this post covers in a bid to help anyone in Uganda or those planning to travel here no matter the reason ensure that he or she is safe.

Many stories have been heard while others written about Uganda with regard to security more especially in the capital Kampala where its believed as a city of the highest population with majority being unemployed. Reports indicate that many people who are jobless tend to involve themselves in certain acts which are related to the insecurity of individuals and their property.

And while this may be true, its also very vital for anyone to ensure that he or she is safer as the saying goes that “charity begins at home”. If you do all it takes to ensure that you are safe, trust me the one who prefers to anything dubious might find it hard due to the fact that you already secured yourself and your property. And that’s why you need these top 5 ways on how to be safe in Uganda.

5 ways to be safe in Uganda

1. Secure your home by locking it: A well locked house gives hard time to anyone else who wants to break in. Yes, it’s important to ensure that all your windows and doors are fully locked more especially during the night hours.

2. Stay Vigilant at all times: This will help you stay alerted of any possible dangers at any time. Many people fall victims as a result of associating with anyone they find yet many come with hidden agendas. You can report anything suspicions to authorities as that will help in avoiding any possible bad results.

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3. Avoid night walks: We all know that during the night hours of the day is the best time for criminals. Since many are out of their day hideouts, they tend to be every where during the night hours. If you have to, it is recommended to walk in company not individually as that will decrease on the chances of being attacked.

4. Know who you associate with: James narrated a touching story. He met a beautiful lady in a taxi and they exchanged numbers. That same evening, the lady called seeking for help. James offered to help and directed the lady to his home. Surprising, James says that the same lady turned to be the thief who broke in after 3 days. It is not advisable to fall I’m to strangers since you may not know their motives.

5. Don’t leave your valuables anyhow: A few years back, a wife to one strong political leader in Uganda reportedly lost her handbag which had money and other belongings from the car as she was in the city Jam. Oh yes, that is part of what happens on the streets. Your leave your bags, phones and etc any how as you travel, don’t be surprised when they as snatched away by petty thieves. Keep your items far and in places which are secured be home, in the car and anywhere else..

Like I said, safety begins with you. The few I have shared above are some you can begin with well as its very important for you to know the good security practices. In case of anything, reporting the matter to the police will help. Otherwise, I highly recommend whoever wishes to visit Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

Written by KWS Adams

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