How To Switch Cameras In Android Smartphones – Back & Front

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
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Do you own an Android smartphone and wondering how to go about switching the cameras for example from the front to the back when taking photos? This to many looks very easy yet there is still a large number of people who still find it hard to make use of the two cameras especially the front one when it comes to taking photos.

Just imagine a situation where its you to take a photo of your own. Leave alone using the auto shot feature since this too has its own shortcomings. You are alone in somewhere and would want to take a photo of yourself and instantly. That is when you need to make use of the secondary smartphone camera for your android device.

In this simple tutorial, I am sharing with you how you can go about the camera switching process for your smartphone and what you need to do in addition to how you can do it – in other words, the different steps and procedures to follow in order to switch to any camera mode of your choice instantly when taking photos.

Procedures when switching between cameras of your Android device

Anrdoid camera switch button - front to back

1. Launch the Camera application and start seeing a current image before taking it.

2. Tap the gear icon you see or the settings menu and navigate through the settings.

3. Hit the camera switch option and select front or sub camera.

You are done. You will instantly start seeing your own photo face and which means that you can take a photo of your self.

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How To Switch Cameras In Android Smartphones – Back & Front

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