How to Switch New Phone without Losing Data [Vital Steps You Need to Know]

A new phone means a more powerful CPU, thinner body, high-capacity battery, and more advantages. When being attracted to the new phone, you think it is better than the old gadget in your hands in every way. Maybe it is time to replace your old phone.

After getting the new smartphone, please don’t forget all your data is still stored on the old device. In other words, what you need to know is how to switch to a new phone without losing data, right? Relax. Go on to read this post, and you will learn vital steps to transfer data to a new phone safely, including Android and Apple mobile devices.

Back Up Old Phone Data

Backup is the most important protection method for your data. Although you plan to move all files from your old phone to the new one, it is indispensable to back up the files. To simplify the backup steps, you can use the automatic synchronization feature on your current phone.

On Android devices, you can turn on the Google backup: go to Settings > System > Advanced > Backup > Back up to Google Drive > Back up now. Then it will sync your contacts, settings, photos, etc., to your Google account.

As for iOS devices, the ideal choice is to back up to iCloud: Settings > your username> iCloud > iCloud Backup. Please note that if you have stored your data in other cloud services, iCloud will not back it up.

Additionally, you can download a backup app on your phone to upload files selectively, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, G Cloud Backup, SMS Backup & Restore, and the like. Of course, you can also copy files to your computer via USB.

Set Up Your New Phone

After finishing the backup, you can take out your new phone and start the setup. First of all, please use the pin to open the card tray, and insert your SIM card into the phone. Then, just follow the prompts to type your information, and connect it to a network.

During the setup, it will remind you to restore the data from your Google backup or iCloud backup. This step is really convenient because you can get your old phone data onto the new phone after completing the setup.

What’s more, please create a new passcode, input your fingerprints in time, and toggle on the Find My Phone function. These steps are essentially related to the security of your new mobile phone.

To make sure the Find My Device feature is available on your phone, you need to highlight the Location icon. Moreover, with the security technology development, it is easier to lock, erase, and find a lost phone.

Add Your Accounts to the New Phone

Next, you can sign in to your different accounts on the new phone, such as your Gmail, Dropbox, and other apps’ accounts. As long as you install the application you want, you can smoothly log in with the same account.

If you would like to continue syncing your data with the same Google account, you can make it on the Settings app. Access it, and go to Accounts > Add account > Google.

By the way, some services have high-security requirements, so you cannot use them on both devices. If so, you’d better log out from your old device in advance.

Move Data to Your New Phone

If you haven’t any backup, and want to import the data to the new handset directly, you can utilize a one-stop data transfer program, such as Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. This software can copy contacts, apps, photos, videos, SMS, etc., from one phone to another. It is reliable for data transmission, since it will move your whole data directly, instead of saving them on a server.

The operation is simple. Connect both your phones to the computer via USB cables. The software will detect and recognize them quickly. Then you can select data types on the panel, and click on Start Copy icon to transmit data.

Reset Your Old Phone

Last but not least, reset your old phone, which is necessary if you intend to give it away or sell it. Open the Settings app, tap General management > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset, and enter your passcode for confirmation. Then all the data will be deleted.


In many people’s eyes, what they need to do for switching to a new phone is to move their useful data, but in reality, it is much more than that. As you can see, the steps mentioned above are all significant. If you want to make your information safe, please do not ignore them.

Certainly, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is practical to copy data to a new phone at once. It not only move data efficiently, but also keeps your data without leakage. It’s worth trying.

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