How To Transfer Your Motor Vehicle In Uganda With URA

How to transfer your vehicle in Uganda The process of transferring a motor vehicle / cycle and any others related in Uganda is the work of the URA, a government established body which handles everything related to taxation for example collecting of government revenues. Previously, everything used to be done by hand other than being automated but after the scrapping of the manual processes and the introduction of the e-Tax (Electronic Taxes), everything was automated and so to the vehicle transfers.

And currently, anyone regardless of where he or she is located can be able to start the entire process while at home or office or even on the go and below are the procedures of the motor transfer process. Check here for Absentee Motor vehicle transfers.

Note: Both the Current motor vehicle owner have to be a working and the newly introduced TIN Number  and having created an account on the URA website.

1. The Current owner and who is the seller visits the URA Website, clicks on the Tax Payer Log in, enters the Log in ID (TIN Number), the password and clicks on Sign in.

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2. While logged in, the seller navigates to Motor Vehicle registration and selects new form from the drop down menu under select select new form Type.

3. Now you should fill in all the required details including the application process location (your nearest URA office), the purpose (Change of ownership) and all other required details for example the Owner/Application details, Vehicle details and follow all other prompts until you are ready to download the Acknowledgment receipt and notice of assessment which you are supposed to take to your selected bank to enact your payment.

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19 Responses

  1. Maurice Labro says:

    Hello Mr. Adams. In januari we want to travel by motorbike from Kampala to Mombasa. I recieved an proforma invoice from Verma co ltd. in Kampala for a Bajaj Boxer. For registration they need a Tin.We are from the Netherlands, so you understand we have no Tin. We couldn’t open the webside from URA so they where so kind to send the form by E-mail. Do you know if it is possible for a foreigner who not lives in Uganda to have a Tin .Do I need to registrate a used bike also a Tin. Is it possible for us to own an Uganda bike. I hope you have some answers for us. Best regards Maurice Labro.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks Maurice Labro for the comment and inquiry. From what I know, only people who have incomes in Uganda can apply for a TIN number. If fir example you do business in Uganda or even being employed in Uganda, you are qualified. As far as your case is concerned (being foreigners and not living in Uganda), Yes you can own the motocycle but of course, it may not be registered into your names since you need a TIN to do that.

      What I know is that when you buy a motorcycle, you will be given a Logbook, and which you can use to acquire temporary road permit as you ride to your destination…

      Please note that this information isn’t final and or given on behalf of URA but rather, it is information basing on what I know with regard. You can approach any URA offices eg Nakawa licensing section and inquire more about the same.

  2. Stefan says:

    The procedure says that the new to be owner has to log in on the URA website and accept the transfer. Where can I find this after I logged in?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Please read well the tutorial guide. Looks you missed something. Just follow all steps one by one and you will be able to transfer your vehicle to a new URA account holder.

      • Stefan says:

        Thanks for your reply. The guide is about what the seller should do, but doesn’t go through the process for the buyer, and that is what my question was about. As buyer, after logging in, I have no clue about where to approve the transfer.

        • KWS Adams says:

          Stefan, as a buyer you don’t have to do anything in your TIN. The vehicle is transferred to you automatically once URA approves the application. What happens is that after the seller initiates the transfer, you are supposed to pay the transfer fees on URA account and submit the transfer application forms signed by both the buyer and seller and your ID’s attached to URA licensing. Hope this helps.

  3. kenneth says:

    how much does it cost to transfer car ownership in the presence of the previous owner?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Currently, the transfer fees are 84,000. But there are other factors which may make the entire process cost higher than that. You can call me for details. Find details in the contact us page.

  4. Rahma Zziwa says:

    How can i transfer a motor vehicle to my names when the previous owner did not change it to his names after also having bought it from another person and both are no where to be seen guess they are in Australia and Spain respectively as per now? They did not leave me with the log book but all i remember was the log book was a green one.i dont have now most of the receipts or documents ( i bought the car in 2006). What should i do to change it?

  5. Robert says:

    How much does one need to Transfer. In other wards how much will the whole process need

  6. moses says:

    how much is to obtain the tin number and how much does it cost to have a new logbook in your name from thr previous owner

    • KWS Adams says:

      You need to pay transfer fees, and can be assessed from URA licensing. For the TIN, its free for as long as you can do it. But in case you can’t, then I can as well help you through the get it process, contact me on 0752009001. On the other hand, the transfer processes differs eg direct when the previous owner is available, and not when he or she is not traceable. In anyway, contact me and I see a way to help you out.

  7. Watibini says:

    What if I don’t have a tin and I would like to do it manually at the ura offices. Is it possible and acceptable.

  8. Joel says:

    Transfer a car with ura, do i need a TIN number in order to the process? And how long it takes to finish up?

    • KWS Adams says:

      You need a Tin number in order to do the transfer. And the one you are transferring to needs to have a tin as well. The vehicle must be validated in your account before you can transfer it.

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