How to Turn Off Talkback on Samsung With Buttons

Turn Off Talkback on Samsung A51

You can turn off talkback on Samsung by pressing the buttons as shared in this guide. If you your Samsung mobile suddenly outputs whatever you press in form of voice, chances are that the talkback feature has been activated.

Talkback feature outputs things you point at on your mobile in form of voice. This allows you to understand what you point at in form of gesture language. In other words, talkback is a screen reader (voice assistant) kind of application of your Samsung device.

How to disable talkback without settings Samsung

Samsung talkback turn off using button
  • Press and hold volume up and down keys
  • Release both buttons once deactivated notification appears

Alternatively, you can turn off talkback on Samsung mobile by accessing Voice control options under apps >> settings >> accessibility >> voice control >> slide to off. This is possible if you can navigate to your phone settings once the option is activated. To do this, make sure you are using 3 fingers at the same time.

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Enabling talkback on Samsung

Using the volume keys, simply long-press both the up and down keys at the same time until the voice control enabled notification appears. You can also do that by accessing Voice control options under apps >> settings >> accessibility >> voice control >> slide to on.

Winding up

Once the talkback or voice control settings has been activated, using the shortcut volume keys is the easiest way you to turn off the settings. Since the screen is relatively hard to navigate when the feature is set to on, you need to make sure that all of your volume buttons are working well in order to solve this. In case all of the above fails, a Samsung reset may help, though required a backup of your important data before.

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