How To Turn VirtaPay Dollars Into Real Money [My Way]

Are you a VirtaPay holder and user with huge amounts of VP dollars in your account? In this article, I will share with you my own tip which I employ and have been using whenever it comes to converting and turning my VirtaPay funds into real money and which when used, you will surely gain from your energy and stop thinking and nor looking at your time spent while on VP as a waste. Please note that this is not a post about a direct exchange and nor conversion of your VirtaPay dollars but rather, a way which can help you use your current amount in your account while earning real money which is accepted worldwide and by all other payment processors.

Briefly for those who may not be knowing yet, VirtaPay is a digital currency as many refer it to but which is not accepted worldwide apart from those sites which partnered with the providers and its known as the VirtaPay Dollar. The service has been in existence many years back and continues to do so although to-date, many look at it differently for example others say its a scam while others say that its real. What happens is that one is rewarded up to $100 on sign up and up to $25 if not mistaken for every new referral who signs up using an old member referral link, in addition to receiving additional dollars whenever you log in to your account.

On the same VirtaPay, there is a digital market where by people can list their items (digitally delivered goods) for sale and get paid VP$ of which those items can qualify to go on an established products list basing on the member ratings and the total sales. And usually, new items are sold at a price starting from $0.01 and those which are established may be sold at a higher prices as determined by the seller. You should take note that such items can only be purchased using that same currency unless the seller added a different payment processor button on his or her sales website.

And with so many people from the whole world having active VirtaPay accounts, the listing feature has made many earn bigger amounts which are sitting idle in their accounts due the fact that none knows exactly where and how to use the money. So many features have been introduced by Virtapay for example the shared Ads and where by one is required to be a premium user (which can be purchased using REAL dollars other than the VP$), the VirtaPay Debit card (also for premium users) and so many others which all require one to upgrade first and which requires one to have real funds in order to do that.

Having seen a brief about how VirtaPay works, many end up asking themselves the same question over and over as to how they can use, gain and or turn their VP money into real cash and that is why after I found my own way which is worth to try, I decided to share with you here and below we go.

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Some Tips For Turning Your VirtaPay Dollars Into Real Money Legally.

What I am sharing is something which any one can try out. My formula’s are simple and a simple test can help you earn money.

1. Pay Others To Read – No one doesn’t want to earn and it works for everyone to get paid for his or her time. What I did was simple, I created my Blogs with Tutorials on doing particular things, added a download link for the who tutorial eBook and payable through PayPal and paid VirtaPay users to come and read my site. A sure deal is that at least out of every 100 VP visitors, you get real purchases of about 2 simply and which is up to $10 real money. How much you may earn using this formula depends on your writing, exploring and marketing tips.

2. List Digital Goods For Sale – And just like I shared above of the VP digital market, you can list your items for sale and add multiple payment processors on your website sales page. Add VirtaPay at the highest price and other processors at the lowest price for example $25 VP and $1 PayPal or Credit Card. Still, out of the many who come, you won’t fail to get some who will prefer to pay using other processors.

3. Pay For Visits – One thing people want to get is traffic to their sales sites or even their Blogs. Its the traffic which turns into leads and leads convert into sales. If you have a blog listing eBay, Amazon, Click-bank and other affiliate products, pay users to visit your site you never know who will buy and who will not. Its estimated that the higher the traffic, the higher the sales.

The above and so many others are part of the ways which can be legally used. And for those use exchangers, I have no say on that since I never used them and nor know how legitimate they are.

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  1. Ellis says:

    Virtapay Dollars Cashier cheat me. Thank you your way is fine.

  2. diet says:

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  3. Rana Roy says:


    I have came to make complaint against Last week I found one item “Buy” regarding vpconverter in Virtapay website. I got email from vpconverter. I sent $1500 from my VP account to his VP account after paying fees of $13 for exchange. But I did not get reply for one week and has never been exchanged for real money. He took my amount away and added it to his VP account. He cheats many VP users by taking away amounts. The site is fraud. Please help me.

    • KWS Adams says:

      This is my first time to here about that site. That’s why I recommended the above ways for utilizing Virtapay cash. Sorry and thanks for the comment.

  4. Rajan Kumar Mishra says:

    i am virtapay problem is that how can i receive the total amount of money which i have earned in virtapay in my country nepal

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