How To Update / Change / Alter Publisher Account Payment Information

Last Updated on December 11, 2020 by Publisher Advertsing

In this tutorial, I answer the one burning question many advertising publishers ask themselves when it comes on how to change or how to alter their account payment information. Yes, it should be noted that this information is filled during the application process and where by it becomes locked for further editing. This means that regardless of why one would want this changes, it becomes a problem and a reason why you need to read this.. is a contextual advertising network powered by Bing and Yahoo. Yes, just like Google Adsense and other advertising providers like Infolinks, publishers are rewarded for qualifying ad torches by viewers. This means that once you have an account set up and approved, you can start earning money for any qualifying viewer ad touches.

The problem comes when its that time one wishes to change his or her payment account information for example from PayPal account to Bank Wire or even switching to the different accounts. The reason as to why I chose to she this publicly is due to the number of messages which my readers sent to me all inquiring about how to alter such information.

Not being a staff and or their representative is no stop for me to share this since I know the info and which can be useful to any one publishing with them, and which is why I write this. In order to get started, you should follow the right procedures as shown below. And please note that this is not “a hack or earn more tip” but rather, something you might want to know.

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Altering or changing your account payment info steps

1. Use the help link to contact support, and or contact your account manager directly. Since this advertising service does allocate every publisher with an account manager, learn it from me that he or she is the one who can only alter this on your behalf.

2. Provide to him or her your new or alteration payment information and ask for them to be changed. Sooner than you can imagine, the information will be changed and you will be done. I am sure you can see how easy and simply it is..

How To Update / Change / Alter Publisher Account Payment Information

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