How To Update Your Blackberry Device Without Desktop Application

When it comes to the best data enabled devices, manufactured and marketed by research in motion limited, blackberry smartphones are one of the brands that allows a user to have a pleasant moment in life when it comes to accessing the internet, managing emails and others through a wide range of products. And just like any other device may require frequent updates as a way of meeting the growing demand of changes over time, there comes a need to make sure that ones device is update with the current and latest software as may be provided by the manufacture.

Well as most people believe and as well know that a Blackberry phone can only be updated through the use of the blackberry desktop application, there happens to be some different way or an alternative which one can use when it comes to updating any of the blackberry phones for example the BB 8820 in this case, and below is how one can go about the entire process using the phone itself.

1. Hit the menu key (the one with the blackberry sign) and navigate to settings.

2. Click on the Advanced settings option and scroll down to wireless update.

3. On the next screen, you will see the following words ” the wireless update process consists of three steps for example requesting the new software, downloading the software and then updating the software on your blackberry device” where you will need to click on the next option below the above words.

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4. Click on the check for updates which will see a new notification ” requesting available updates” so as to get the available software updates for your device.

Follow prompts to choose which update you want to install and click on download. You will be done with your device updating. One thing you need to know is that this can only be done if you are using WiFi connection, a data bundle or even when you have a data enabled Sim card on any career which your device supports.

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