How To Update/Upgrade Your Android OS Device Software/Firmware

With #Android being one of the most and commonly used and preferred smartphone and mobile devices by the different people, there has always been an increasing need in their know how sine many people feel the need to know how they can deal with their devices themselves without any assistance from the any tech related provider and among which include the issue of updating and or upgrading the device software.

Your Android device just like any others being updated all the time means better functionality and high performance since different providers tend to release updates which come with solutions and additional features and thus meaning that having an updated device means much.

If you have ever wondered how you can go about that the entire process of upgrading your device without using anything like a cable or computer and which is possible, below is how you can go about it entirely.

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1. Power on your device and make sure that its charged fully.

2. Backing up your device is required since it can help you to recover anything just in case.

3. Go to your device settings and look for About phone menu.

4. Hit on Software updates or related and hit on check updates assuming there is nothing already available.

5. If there is any update available, hit update and it will be downloaded to your Android device.

6. Once the download is done, hit install and restart and you will be done upon the device rebooting. You are now ready to use your device since the update is done.

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