How To Update/Upgrade Your Blackberry OS Version Using BB Desktop App

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How To Update/Upgrade Your Blackberry OS Version

If you read my last article which was all about updating or upgrading your Blackberry device without using the BB Desktop Application, then this post is about how you can do the same using the desktop application. Just like it is when it comes to upgrading other devices like the Androids or any other smartphones, the same happens to Blackberry devices.

Keeping your device with the current operating system version is very vital since it helps one keep his device in good performance since most of updates do come with additional features and security features which when all combined makes one enjoy a wonderful experience when it comes to phone usage.

In order to get started with installing a newer version of BB OS or updating i using the desktop application, you need to first begin by downloading the latest BB Desktop application from their website and install it on your computer and once you are done, continue following the below procedures.

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How to update upgrade blackberry smartphone free on desktop manager

1. Launch the application and connection your Blackberry device and wait for it to be detected.
2. Click on device and scroll down to update and click on kit.

3. A new update check pop up box will open and the application will check for any available updates.
4. Hit install in case of any update and you will be done once the installation is done.

How To Update/Upgrade Your Blackberry OS Version Using BB Desktop App

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