How To Upload Files To Through FTP

How To Upload Files To Through FTP Sharecash is a paid to upload website which claims to pay its members between $1 to $10 or more per file downloaded by a third party. The site is known to being a free to join to all who are interested in addition to being one of the best and top paying sites as many people claim – you can check out the different reviews on the different sites on how it works.

When you join as a member, you are required to upload your files to website since it’s those files which others should download in order for you to earn. And to upload your files, there are two options and ways you can do it for example the direct option (on site upload once you are logged in to your account), and the File Transfer Protocol client or manager upload option (the one which uses third party options).

And to upload your files on through FTP, you need to know their File Transfer Protocol details which are available onto your account when you log in for example; you need your Share Cash username, password and the host details which are all given free to all members.

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And in order to upload your files through FTP, you will need to follow the below procedures, and which are simple and easy for as long as you stick to what is shared here.

Procedures to Upload Share Cash Files using FTP

Start by downloading any FTP client or application of your choice for example FileZilla.

Follow your software or application set up procedures until FTP application launch.

Now enter your Sharecash File transfer protocol details including your username in the corresponding field, password and enter in the host option.
Hit sign in and you will see a welcome menu when you have successfully logged in.

Now browse your file location through the client interface, right click on the file and select upload. When uploading is done, you will see your files listed in the manage files menu when you are logged into your Share Cash account.

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  1. how soon can my payment be made

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  2. i have meet the minimum requirement buty payment is not yet approved

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    1. Sometimes it takes time to get approved but you will. Just keep waiting a little longer until that time.

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