How To Upload WordPress CMS On Your Host Using Web Based FTP

WordPress is a free content management system which is available freely for download to those who want to create websites, blogs and other pages the same as others CMS’ like Joomla, Drupal and others does work except that for WordPress, it is very simple to configure and too has so many free plug-ins which when used, one can end up having a professional looking website within minutes once you are done with uploading it on your host servers using either the web based FTP, the automatic installer and or other FTP’s like FileZilla. WordPress is available in two for example which is a free sub domain and hosted freely on their servers while requires one to do a self host.

Uploading WordPress on your hosting servers using the web based FTP is something which is pretty simple provided you have your domain name already pointed to your host, have saved your details including host IP, account user-name, password and the port and below is what you need to get started. You must ensure that you have already downloaded your WordPress CMS software and you need not to unzip it in this case since you will be using the Online web based option.

1. Log in to your host account using your user-name and password.

2. Look out for File Manager option and or simply use external FTP services on websites like Net2ftp and in put in your domain account details.

3. Once you are signed in, locate the folder where you are allowed to upload your files for example the public_HTML folder and double click on it.

4. Look out for the upload option and search for where you see .zip, tz folders on the next page usually on the right side.

5. Browse your WordPress zipped file location on your hard drive or any other location and click on the TICK sign to start uploading.

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6. The time taken for the file to be uploaded depends on your connection speed and the service you are using.

When you are done, you should go back to your host account, navigate to MySQL and create new Database. Now visit the URL of your site, follow prompts, input the required information and you will be done. Check out how to upload Joomla using FileZilla just like the same can be on WordPress.

Please note that this option can be used to upload other CMS’ like Drupal, Joomla and any other you know.

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