How To Verify PayPal Account In Uganda With UBA Card

Do you live in Uganda and want to verify your PayPal account instantly, easily and on the very same day you open it up? This article will take you through the entire guide on how you can do that using your United Bank of Africa (UBA) Debit Card. Verifying a PayPal account is a step forward those who deal in online transactions which may include sending or receiving payments whether one happens to live in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, America, Ghana, Nigeria and any other country where online payment processors are accepted since that is the only way you will be able a payment and have it accepted.

While a PayPal Uganda account is limited to only sending payments other than receiving due to the financial regulations, being able to send money is a feature which many would want to utilize for example when ordering items online from online stores which accept PayPal as their processor and in order for a transaction to be accepted, you need a verified account for it addresses many issues including but not limited to lifting restrictions when sending cash, getting trust and many others in addition to the fact that it is a requirement for Ugandan accounts to link debit or credit cards since all transactions are debited from them.

At the same time, United Bank of Africa (UBA) is financial institution many different branches in many countries across the world which many praise for when it comes to its Instant Debit Card issuing, Online banking support in addition to the cards being supported international where the Visa and MasterCard logos are accepted. And to get your PayPal account in Uganda verified, one of the ways is to get yourself a debit card, link it to your account, provided the transaction code and have it verified instantly.

How To Get Started With PayPal?

Getting started with the popular processor is very simple since you need to have an email address, a phone number and access to internet to complete all steps. Check this article on PayPal application process.

How To Verify Your Ugandan Account?

To verify your account, you will need to follow the simple steps below and by the time you are done, you will be having a fully verified account.

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1. Visit your Nearest United Bank of Africa branch around Kampala, Kansanga and or any other branch country wide.

2. Present a recommendation letter which may be from your Local Council (LC) or Village, your employers and any other, your current passport photos, the account opening fees, request for a Debit Card application form, fill it and submit it as required.

3. Wait briefly while your information is being verified and processed after which within a time period of between 30 minutes to an hour, you will be given your debit card, your account number together with the online account creation instructional paper.

4. Make some deposit on your card since PayPal will require it for verification purposes after which it will be refunded.

5. Now visit the UBA account creation page as instructed on the information paper, create and verify your debit card account.

6. Now log in to your PayPal account and click on Link Credit card option. And alternatively, point your mouse to profile and select add credit card.

7. Add your debit card information include the names on the card, the card number, the expiry date, the CVV, billing address if different and continue.

8. Now log in to your UBA online account and look out for the PayPal transaction code (or wait for the SMS message on your phone since it too comes with that code), copy it and paste it as required by PayPal and continue.

You will have now successfully verified your Ugandan PayPal account and will be set to go with all your online purchases and payments. For general verification, check here.

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  1. Great services but you should work on how to receive money on PayPal option because that is a big problem in Ugandan banks that needs to be revised

  2. For verify paypal you can use VCC , FOR vcc you can use paypal unlocked where you will get various virtual products such as paypal stealth account, ebay stealth account, PAYPAL VBA, RELODABLE VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD. Also you can use paypal vba and relodable vba for fb marketing, bing marketing and adwords marketing.

  3. Walked all over the city searching for the bank to provide me with the credit card services to enable my pay pal account verified in vain,thanks to UBA Uganda.

  4. Am so happy for this becouse i have been looking for a bank which can provide me a debit card & finaly i have found it UNITED BANK OF AFRICA

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