How To View/Watch Videos On YouTube With A Slow Speed Internet Connection

When the word YouTube is mentioned, everyone automatically knows what is being referred to just like what just come into your mind when you saw the word written here. YouTube is the Worlds popular website where anyone with access to the internet whether on a mobile device or a computer can simply visit the site, search for the video clip of choice and instantly watch it without anything like first making a payment or subscription regardless of ones age bracket.

Whether one prefers cartoons, soccer, tutorials, photo and image slide shows, music, movies and anything else, YouTube is a one stop site for all the above. One annoying issue is that when it comes to those with Slow Speed Internet Connections where by it takes some extra time to complete watching a single movie if not failing at all due to the fact that the video will buffer as many times as you can imagine, and something which too makes one not to enjoy as was expecting.

For those who have slow internet connections for example the dial up connections, gprs, edge and others, you must be understanding what I am meaning but for those of you with a high speed connection, that is good for you and you may not need this. Just like I mentioned above, buffering is very annoying especially if one wants to watch the movie for one reason or the other meaning that even if it takes a full hour for a one minute video to load, one will have to wait and which is time consuming.

A lot of tutorials on a same issue have been written and are available on the internet but personally, what I am sharing below looks to be the best since I tried it and it proved to be worth, something which prompted me to share it in this article and below is what you need to do in order to watch YouTube videos just the same as those with a faster connection do.

1. Visit the official websites for either Real Player or Quick Time player and download the latest version of their software and or the older versions depending on your computer specifications. Run the application depending on which you downloaded and make sure that the application is installed correctly.

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2. Instead of visiting the usual desktop version of YouTube for example the www version, visit the mobile version by way of replacing the www with m and search for any video of your choice. Click watch video, an option which will make the installed application to prompt if you want to use it to play videos. Accept prompt and continue.

You will instantly start streaming videos on your slow internet computer just like one on of a higher speed connection.

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