How To Watch 3GP Videos On your Desktop or Laptop Easily

When one mentions of 3gp, 3gpp or any other related extensions when it comes to videos, one will think straight away that those are mobile devices or other related Video formats, which can only be watched using mobile devices since they are the ones which by default do support such formats.

One more thing to note is that by default, players like the default windows media player and many other computer video watching options do not support the playing of video formats as mentioned above for example the 3pg’s.

As an explore, it took me some good time whilst trying to figure out the best alternative or option which one could use so as to watch mobile related video formats like 3gp and others using a computer and that is why reading this entire post will help you to discover how the whole process can be done easily and faster.

During my discovery, i came to learn about the 2 players as shown above although one of them can be in position play the 3pg videos directly while another one will need the support of the other so as to be able to do play the videos.


In this process of making the desktop or even the laptop computer be able to play 3pg related movies which are by default meant for mobile devices like phone, one would need to download and install any of the following media players below, that is if you do not already have one installed on your computer.

Apple QuickTime Player – This is a free media player that can be downloaded from any of the software vendors online or even from the official Apple website and is available in different versions depending on ones computer compatibility. All you need to do after downloading it is to run the program on your computer and instantly start playing your favorite 3gp videos saved on your machine or even on your mobile device.

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RealPlayer – This is another popular software which is known for its functionality when it comes to watching 3gp related videos whether online or even offline. It is too available free for download from several software sites and too on the official real player website, and depending on ones computer, one may be prompted to download an older version since the newest version does require more requirements as in the available space on the computer. Installing and running the program won’t help you tom player the 3gp videos but rather, you will be prompted to install quick time player, the one mentioned above.

Other computer 3gp video watching supporting programs may include Bit-berry final media player or VCL media player and others. If you got any additional player you that allows a person to watch or even watch 3gp related video on a computer, share by way of adding a comment.

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