How To Watch All TV Channels Free In Uganda Without A Decoder – Your Own Digital Life On PC And Mobile

How To Watch All TV Channels Free In Uganda Without A Decoder - Your Own Digital Life On PC And Mobile This tutorial is about How To Watch all of your favorite Television Channels in Uganda Without a Decoder. Inside here, you will discover some possible ways on how you can live your own Digital life using your computer, laptop or mobile device for as long as you have access to the internet. And regardless of whether you want to watch Bukedde 1, Bukedde 2, Channel 44, NTV, Light House Television, EATV, Record TV, NBS, UBC, Star, Citizen, Sports-TV, MOTV Africa, Top Television, Cablesat International ltd and any other you may know, this article might be helpful to you for as long as your reason is to Watch Digital Television without paying a monthly subscription and or to buy a decoder in Uganda.

It should be noted that on the 15th of June 2015, Kampala and other surrounding districts in the range of 40 miles were cut off from the Analogue TV broadcasting as phase one of the digital migration. This led to so many people having to miss their favorite shows and programs on the different channels including the famous “Agataliko Nfufu on Bukedde, Oluyimba lwo, Tasa makago, Daniela, Bade ache and Taxi” among others.

To one who is not at all times watching TV, those who only watch when their favorite programs and shows are being aired and others who fall in the category of non all time Television watchers, paying for a monthly subscription is seen as a secondary burden in addition to other endless problems.

That is why in this post, you will discover an easier way which can help you watch all of your best programs without owning a pay decoder or even the free to air ones. And yes, following the simple guide below can get you started.

How To Watch All TV Channels In Uganda Without A Decoder

You only need a computer, laptop or mobile phone which is having access to the internet. Once you are ready, you can either install a browser TV streaming addon like TVFox, TVChrome, Playon and others. You can alternatively simply point your web browser to your favorite Television channel website and watch live using your mobile or computer. Most providers have their own websites where livetv is broadcasted. You can simply make use of that and get rid of the high priced decorders.

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  1. Monica says:

    I have a decoder free to air but only UBC shows the rest just say scrumbled. What is the problem?

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