How To Watch BBC iPlayer From Anywhere – No Blocking! No Restrictions

BBC iPlayer is loved by many. But, some suffer from the inability to watch it due to the different restrictions. Censorship is rife on the net and that I really don’t mean sites that are criminal and illegal. The likes of WordPress, YouTube and several others are blocked and being banned by states around the world. The rationale? Because these sites support free speech and freedom of expression and of course you will always locate somebody with different views on them to yourself.

It is fairly depressing but also not altogether surprising that abruptly leaders would start to hasten the listing of blocked sites in their countries. Of course lots of people are used to the type of censorship nevertheless it will not make it any less depressed. I’ve personal experience of it with many friends and family who live in Turkey.

You will not have the ability to view the BBC iPlayer program at all, if you are outside the united kingdom then. The reason being it is restricted to individuals physically located in the UK. Now I clearly don’t have a problem with countries prohibiting obviously dangerous or illegal websites, although I ‘d favor they brought down the sites and prosecuted the owners but clearly on an international level this is not always possible. But the sites that Turkey have banned is becoming more and more stressing to get a democratic, secular state.

For a start WordPress for featuring many dangerous and anti religious blogs, afterward YouTube for the pace as well as presumably precisely the same rationale is picking up with more and more websites all of the time. Whatever your views on this the banning of websites like this really is a horrible setback to freedom of speech, i.e. don’t agree with my religious views then you will be blocked. A large number of distinct forms of Christianity and the Muslim faith, Hindu and presumably Buddhist will be next in the firing line.

Anyhow I despise censorship for example BBC iPlayer with a passion, get the evil doers by all means but freedom of speech is a precious commodity and that’s what is being given absolutely and slowly in Turkey. Thus just how do you avoid these restrictions on sites that are blocked. Well it’s normally done by utilizing proxy servers. You see all these prohibitions are filtered by rules applied by your ISP, the request on a certain site will likely be locked in as a result of content. Should you take advantage of a proxy server to look at a web page then that content is being served by the proxy server rather than the actual prohibited server.

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Depending where you need to input the proxy server connections, in the Internet Options in your web browser you’ll usually discover the settings. LAN connections places. When you input a proxy that is valid then your request would go to the proxy server then forwarded to the internet server you wish to see and also the reply is sent exactly the same route back.

This simple trick will work in many cases as well as the content is going to be served despite the ban. Nevertheless, you should be very careful using proxy servers that are free to do this and be extremely careful what information you send down them. The problem is that free proxy servers the kinds that you’ll find on many lists online are typically risky servers that the owner does not understand is being used as a proxy, or worse hacked servers being used to trap your private information. Being a victim of identity theft is most likely not worth getting YouTube. As the list of blocked websites in areas like Turkey gets more and longer more people will likely be looking the best way to access these blocked sites.

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