How To Watch TV On Your Mobile Phone Using The SPBTV Application

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SPBTV is an application which gives the mobile phone owner the ability to watch television directly from ones mobile phone without the need to pay any additional fees like television subscription fees apart from the data charges that one may have to pay to the mobile service provider since the application uses internet to broadcast all the television channels.

Whether you are having a Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and any other phone models, the SPBTV application works best on almost all mobile devices including the Symbian, Android and any other operating system devices when it comes to giving a user access to the variety of television channels in a wide range of categories from all over the world featuring discoveries, entertainment, kids, music, news and information, sports and others including but not limited to channels like Euro News, AFP News, Showcase comedy time television, France24, Miami, Nasa, Chick comedy video channel, Arirang Korean channel, smile of a child, Miami models, DW News, Pro-wrestling, Vox Africa and many others. The whole process of having your mobile phone broadcast all the above channels is something which is very simple to do and all you need is to follow the simple procedures below.

1. Depending on your mobile device for example with Nokia, you need to visit the applications portal and type the word television in the search results, navigate and locate SBPTV and click on download. With a device like a Blackberry, you will need to access the Blackberry applications page using your username and password and search for SBPTV and download it to your phone.

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2. When you are done with downloading, accept the application to be installed in your device and click on run once you are done. This will prompt the application to load channels, a process which may take an average of between 2 to 5 minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

3. Once the application has successfully downloaded all the channels and installed them on your phone, you will only need to click on the application shortcut in your phone and access any television channel you would like to watch or view.

The only thing you should know is the fact that the application may load different stages during installation for example processing stage 1, processing stage 2 and others although each stage is intended to ensure that the program is configured properly so as to enable you access it easily.

How To Watch TV On Your Mobile Phone Using The SPBTV Application

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