How To Watch YouTube Faster On Firefox Web Browser Using Real Player

YouTube is wow to many since it has it all when it comes to video streaming online. That is why so many people from the Globe both on computers and other device like smart phones use the service to watch, play and download their favourite videos be movies, music and any other.

Personally, I am a fan of this Google powered service since I find so many tutorials and subs required for my work and enjoyment, and which might be the same case with you or anyone else who uses YouTube for any other reason.

Basing on what I know so far judging from the many questions I have stumbled on the internet on the different forums and other sites, the issue of over bufferring and failure to watch YouTube videos on a slow connection seems to be a still standing issue. I have seen and tested HTML5 option, using the different players like VCL and others but all in vain and which is why I am sharing the below option which I have confirmed working after my experiment.

Requirements To Get Started

1. Real Player installed on your computer.

2. Firefox Browser installed and working.

3. An internet connection of any speed.

Once you have the above, then continue by doing the following below.

1. Launch your Firefox browser and type “about:config” in the address bar without quotes.

2. Agree to the caution message and head directly to the what you will see.

3. Right click anywhere and select New and then String.

4. In the preference name, enter “” without quotes.

5. Enter “/usr/local/Real Player/realplay” and OK.

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6. Now visit Firefox add-ons page and search for User Agent Switcher and install it.

7. Now open Firefox again, go to Tools and change the user agent to the mobile one. You can add additional user agents in your browser by downloading and installing them.

You are ready. All you need is to visit and you will automatically be redirected to the mobile version. And when you hit watch video, you will be prompted to select Real Player and you will be done. Enjoy

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