How to Withdraw Money from PayPal Without a Bank Account?

Withdraw PayPal

You can withdraw money from PayPal account without a bank account in a number of ways. I have tried all of the ways I have shared below and proved them worth when it comes to getting your cash from PayPal instantly. All you need to get started is following each and every step as shared in this post.

But before you get started, you need to bare it in mind that depending on the country where you are operating a PayPal account from, not all ways will work for you. This is because of the fact that PayPal tends to have some limitations basing on country for example; while PayPal users in Kenya have the option to link their accounts with Equity bank Kenya, those in Uganda have no such option not even receiving of funds, and etc.

With PayPal being one of the worlds most used payment processor which allows individuals, businesses and any one else to send payments, get paid and do anything else which involves the transfer of funds from one place to another just like you see how people who trade on sites like eBay, Tmart, Amazon and others do when it comes to payments, learning how to get your money back from paypal is vital.

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3 ways to Withdraw from PayPal without a bank account

  • Via mobile money
  • Via money exchangers
  • Via Debit card

What you need?

  • Active PayPal account
  • Own mobile money line
  • Trusted provider
  • Funds on your account

Get PayPal money through Mobile money

PayPal has continuously been partnering with very many mobile phone companies and making use of their mobile money services. One example is MPesa, Safaricom’s mobile money transfer services. All one need is to cross that mobile service provider who is linked to PayPal for example MPesa Safaricom for those in Kenya and instantly get access to your funds.

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Via Money exchangers

When you search for “exchange PayPal to..” money exchangers, you will be amazed by number of providers. Yes, many of those providers work. I have tried a number of them and found them worth. What happens is that you contact such providers seeking to exchange your funds. They give you the account to transfer to and you send the money. Upon verification, you get cash using the agreed option.

PayPal cash card

For those who qualify for such a cash card from PayPal, you can get access to your money without the need to have a bank account. Your funds are credited to your account and which you can access from any ATM worldwide. You can also use the same funds to shop online across the different stores. Apply for PayPal cash card today.

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