How To Write A Quality Hub On Hubpages

If you don’t write a quality Hub On Hubpages, chances are that your articles will be rejected or accepted but not featured. This means that your chances of earning from your articles or getting more views will be low since you wont be able to get traffic from search engines which is known as organic traffic.

Getting organic traffic is very vital since it is a sign that your hub was of high quality as opposed to those which rely only on internal Hubpages-to-Hubpages traffic. It is for this reason as to why you need to learn how to write a quality Hub On Hubpages and hence what you are to discover below will be helpful for you towards reaching a purpose.

If you read my other tutorial on how to create your first hub here, you should know what this means but in case you missed it, then read it since this post will show you how to create a quality Hub.

When two things are put in a single basket where one has to decide on which one to take, to me Quality is my choice as opposed to quality. It really makes sense when something is in few less quantity but of higher quality as opposed to having many but of a poor quality. And this too happens when it comes to writing hubs since quality hubs have many chances of earning higher than low quality hubs.

If you want to focus on producing quality hubs on Hubpages, below are some of the things you should consider.

1. Choose the right titles for your posts. This may include keywords about what you are writing about, few in length and touching.

2. Describe what your hub is all about in the description since its the one visible in search engines.

3. Add more than a single text capsule as that adds more value on the post.

4. Write to your maximum as that will make one stay on your page hence low bounce rate.

5. Link to related posts as that gives a user a more clear picture on what you are writing about.

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6. Add images to show your work – images add value on any work.

7. Allow users to post comments and thoughts by adding a comment capsule.

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