How & Where To Pay Your Federal Taxes (IRS) Online

Paying Federal Taxes is mandatory for all United States (US) Citizens and Businesses which are qualified to do as per the laws. And the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS is the governments agency which takes on the responsibility to enforce and collect everything to do with taxes which may include but not limited to instructions on how to, tax forms and others.

And with the internet being one of the mostly and commonly used service when it comes to accessing and or offering particular services, many people have always wondered if there is such an option which can be used to pay or file all their Federal Taxes Online to the IRS.

In this post, I have compiled a number of service providers including those sites where one can simply visit, click on a button and instantly pay his or her taxes by using any of the supported services for example using a Debit card, a credit card, a checking or savings account and so forth.

And if you are one who has been looking for such, below are where and how you should get started from.

Official Payments – Here, you can pay your personal or business taxes including all State taxes and fees, Local taxes and fees and much more. All you need is to visit to get started.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System – EFTPS is a free service provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to ease the tax payment process to the payers. You can enroll and get started with making your payments. Visit

Direct Pay – You can pay your individual taxes and bills using a checking or savings account. You need to submit your tax information to have it verified, enter your payment information, verify it and follow prompts. Visit to get started.

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PayUSAToday – You pay your personal or business taxes using a credit or debit card. Whether you want to pay 1040 Balance Due, Installment Agreement, Estimated tax and any other, all you need is to visit, select an option and pay. – You can pay with a credit or debit card provided you select your Tax payment. Visit

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