HP Envy 4520 Review – 6 Reasons To Buy It If You Can Afford

HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing This is our HP Envy 4520 printer review. We share with you some amazing reasons why you should buy one for your office or home use if you can afford to. And if you have always been wondering whether this 4520 series is best for your needs with regard to the duties it does, then you should check this out as it entails most of what you might have been wanting to know.

All-in-One printer – The HP Envy 4520 is an all in one printer with both printing, scanning and copying capabilities. This means that you need not to worry about buying additional machines to cater for other tasks since with this, you can do all tasks using the same equipment.

Wireless feature – Besides being an “all-in-one” equipment, it supports Wireless. This means that you can easily print out your documents including photos from any other wireless device including iPhones, iPads, Androids and all other smartphones and tablets using the AirPrint and Mobile printing features.

Photo printing – Yes, you read it right. Unlike many other printers on the market, this one supports photography printing. You need no more worries about photo studios and additional costs involved since you can instantly and easily make printouts of all your photos right from your home or office.

Sold very less – From as lows as $55.00 on amazon.com, anyone is able to buy this HP Envy 4520 I am reviewing here. You don’t have to over spend just like you do on other equipment while you get much more than what those you buy at bigger prices. This helps you save while retaining the value you expect.

Both page side printing – Unlike other printers where you manually have to change the page in order to print on the other side, this HP Envy does it auto. It supports 2 sides printing which will not only reduce paper usage by 50% but too help you in cutting paper purchase costs.

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Requires less space – You don’t have to worry about additional space in order for this printer to fit. Its dimensions of 5.04″ h x 17.52″ w x 14.45″ l in additional to measuring only 11.93 pounds is enough to tell you the space you require, and which is available for sure. No need of renting additional rooms for just a new purchase. It is easy to install, comes with supported USB cable and a CD.

Conclusion – This HP Envy 4520 printer does not feature only the above. It too has a one year limited warranty for hardware and which means that you are able to return it in exchange for a new one just n case the former fails. This equipment too has its accessories available at lowest rates. This means that you are worry free when it comes to replacements of accessories eg black ink and etc. If you indeed can afford, I recommend you try this machine out.

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