Huawei Y5 Lite Review! Full Specs + Price in Uganda

This is a hands-on review of Huawei Y5 Lite, a cost-friendly smartphone yet featuring a handful of specifications anyone would love. Selling from as low as UGX 575,000 (quoted at publication time), this explains why Huawei die-hards like me won’t get past this device when found on sale be online or from the different stores around Kampala Uganda, and other towns.

If you were wondering whether the Huawei Y5 Lite should be on your gift list, or even on your own shopping list, look no further. This review brings you full specifications including where to buy within Uganda. Take your time and go through this entire review, you will be able to find the answer you are looking for.

Huawei Y5 Lite features

  • Longer battery life
  • Completely fits in your hands
  • Bigger internal memory size
  • Expandable memory up to 256GB
  • 8 MP rear camera with panorama mode
  • Dual standby SIM cards
  • Responsive sound
  • Android 8.1 Go edition OS
  • Multi connectivity support
  • 5.45-Inch HD display

There is nothing good compared to staying in touch with your loved ones at all times. This is what exactly the Huawei Y5 Lite 3,020mAh battery does. You are on a “sure deal” to stay in touch as you travel, or even when you are doing business with partners. No matter the time you spend online, talking or even taking photos and videos, the battery will always help you fulfill your tasks.

When you take hold of the Huawei Y5 Lite, you will see it fit well in your hand. This means easy usage without worrying about anything since you are able to hold it fit with your hand. On the other hand, the 1440 x 720 resolution gives you a clear view of your contents. Right from making a call, Whatsapping, taking photos and etc, you are able to see everything in a clear view.

Build with a bigger internal memory of 16 GB of ROM, you are ready to save every moment of life without worrying about losing anything. You can record and store unlimited music, take lots of photos, record moments, install applications and etc. This is also supported by the expandable memory of a 256 GB Card which further allows you to store anything of choice.

With a Dual SIM standby, you are sure not to miss a call. Dual SIM cards allow you to stay active at all times no matter the location since A outage might not be a B outage. Being touch screen means easy navigation no matter the task you are doing. There is no worrying about long key pressing and etc, which feature phones do. You simply have to touch on selected apps and off you are ready to execute. This helps to maximize phone usage since it is a “tap and go” function.

With the highest connection speed, you are ready to download all file sizes faster, chat on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Imo and even watch YouTube videos at glance. Other features include autofocus, GPS navigation, mp3 playback, etc. You can enjoy all of your favorite downloaded or shared MP3 songs on the go. You are also worry-free when it comes to getting “lost”, be riding or driving since GPS navigation will take control of your mapping and routing needs.

Pricing and where to buy?

You can buy the Huawei Y5 Lite from Jumia at UGX 575,000 (quoted at the time of posting). This price is the cheapest on the market, which is a deal a must not miss. Buying on Jumia comes with a variety of benefits including prime free delivery to your doorstep and discounted price.

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