Hulu Live TV review-is it worth it?

Hulu Live TV

Live TV streaming services are gaining increasing popularity for a lot of reasons. They have excelled in offering a higher level of convenience and affordability. It does not mean that cable providers are swiped out of the industry. There are still genuine ones out there with millions of subscribers. You can check this out through the impressive customer support services they offer and how they ensure that quality standards are being met profoundly.

But then again, this is not the case with every cable provider. If you look around, you are likely to find more cable TV subscribers ranting over pricey cable TV bills. So generally speaking, lie TV streaming services are gaining more attention due to the wide range of features, greater flexibility, and more cost-efficient rates they offer. Check out the best Roku apps, you never know.

When talking about live TV streaming, one name that pops out as a clear favorite is Hulu + Live TV. So if you are planning to cut the cord and opt for live TV streaming but feel lost as to which one will be more suitable for you, our top recommendation would be to consider Hulu + Live TV. Here is everything you would want to know about it before subscribing. Keep reading!

What is the cost of Hulu + Live TV?

Hulu Live TV allows you to enjoy live TV channels and on-demand channels in one place. If you do not want to watch ads, then you can opt for Hulu + Live TV no ads package for around $70.99 per month but the price may vary from region to region.

Another advantage of Hulu live TV is that you can bundle ESPN+ and Disney+ for some additional cost.

Is there any contract signing involved?

You do not have to worry about any contracts. Since there is no contract signing, you can save money and switch to any other streaming service whenever you want.

Unlimited Screens and DVR Storage

There is an additional fee for unlimited screens and extensive DVR storage. If you think that your family needs more screens or enhanced DVR storage, you will have to pay some extra money and it will add to the monthly bill.

Channel List

The live TV channels included in your Hulu subscription include the local channels and the entire channel lineup depending on your zip code. The channel list varies from place to place. The channel lineup generally includes Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNN, Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, FX, FOX News, TBS, Lifetime, etc. However, the channels vary from place to place. So your location matters.

Hulu+ Live TV add-ons

You can add premium channels you wish to watch by paying some additional charges that will add to your monthly bill. Hulu Live TV  premium channels include HBO Max, STARZ, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and you can also include sports add-ons if you want.

Sports Channels Offered by Hulu Live TV

If you are a sports lover, then this section is of utmost interest and importance to you. The good news is that Hulu Live TV does have an attractive sports channel lineup. You will have to check with your zip code that which sports channels are available for you to include. Generally, Hulu Live TV offers CBS Sports Network, ESPN, ESPN College Extra, NFL Network, ESPNEWS, ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC Sports Network, etc.

Devices Compatible with Hulu Live TV

iPhones and iPads, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Apple TV (fourth generation and up), Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Roku Stick, Amazon Fire tablets, and many other devices are compatible with Hulu Live TV and you can sue them to enjoy watching your favorite shows, movies or matches.

The Bottom line

So winding up, when it comes to concluding that whether Hulu Live TV is worth it, the answer is yes, it sure has a lot to offer for the users. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a plethora of on-demand channels along with live TV channels.

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