Beetroot Juice: Sweetness Associated With Health Benefits

Similar to Mulondo and its appetite-boosting abilities, Beetroot juice is also known for its sweetness and associated health benefits when consumed the right way.

Also known as the “table beet, garden beet, red beet, dinner beet, or golden beet”, the plant has its origin attached to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who grew it as a treatment for illnesses related to digestion and the blood according to Wikipedia.

Beetroot has lots of benefits associated although a conclusion cannot be jumped on unless it is well backed. Personally, I have been using Beetroot juice for a good number of years and I can tell that indeed, the juice is not only sweet but also safe for consumption.

Where to Buy Beetroot around Kampala

  • Owino Market or refer to it as the St. Balikudembe Market is located on Kafumbe Mukasa road
  • Street vendors around Nakivubo road, Queensway, William street, New and old taxi parks, etc
  • Supermarkets around town where you can get dried beetroot powder.
  • Online at Amazon and have my order delivered easily in Uganda.

The above and many other locations are part of where I buy fresh beetroots I take home and make beetroot juice. If you are like me and want to keep on the joy associated with Beetroot benefits, of course, you might want to learn how to make beetroot juice with or without a blender.

How to make sweeter beetroot juice at home

  • Wash the beetroot to remove any dirt
  • Peel off the outer skin
  • Cut the beetroot into small-sized pieces
  • Add those pieces into the blender and mix some small water
  • Blend until you can see the juice

Your beetroot juice is ready once you follow the recipe above. You can pour it into a glass and enjoy. The longer it takes for the body to see the benefits varies depending on the reason for consumption.

Beet Root Juice Benefits

There are lots of health benefits that are associated with Beetroot. From blood pressure, stamina, muscle power, weight, etc, this vegetable root can help serve a purpose. You can check out this article to know more of what you can expect once you add Beetroot juice to your menu.

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