I Cant Access Tribe.net? Is It Up or Down For Everyone Or Me Only?

Triber.net up or down? Is it down or up? Whenever I think of a Tribe of friends in an online community, I would rush to Tribe.net, log in and instantly start querying the different tribes and people. Yes, to me the site is more less a social networking site and an alternative for Facebook and the likes.

But for some good days now, I have really found a difficulty in accessing the site, and I am wondering whether its my own connection problem or a general outage on Tribe.net servers? This makes me wonder whether this awesome website is down for me only and up for others or so?

I have tried using the issitedown web tool and I am scared with what I see. On the site, there is information that the site is been down only for the past 5 hours and which is a very different issue on my side basing on the fact that since the 10th, I have not been able to access the site.

Current screenshot of Tribe.net service status from Isitdownrightnow.com

Is Tribe net down or up

Tribes.net being down for me means missing the likes of hot cowboys, home alone, hit the showers, handsome, huge, history, commando, father knows best,login, los angeles area, brother lovers, net buddies, bears and chasers, in pakistan, sign in, astrology, asian, app, wrestling, worm lovers album, william, wife, wives, wedgie , younger guys, my younger guys, youtube only to mention.

Just hoping that Tribe.net will be back online soon. Are you too going through the same? Please share..

KWS Adams

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3 Responses

  1. JD says:

    Down AGAIN!?!

  2. Digger Sheepdog says:

    Its down more than it is up. By a lot. its been completely down for weeks, came back up for 2 days (but many of the pictures and posts were broken links), and is now completely unresponsive once again. I left tribe a few years ago because of this very same issue. Guess there’s no money in keeping it alive or it would be as available as facefrack.

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