I Live With My Boy Friend – Can He Adopt My Children Even When We Aren’t Legally Married?

Sarah lives is currently living with his boy friend with whom they have been together for the past 6 years. Sarah has 2 children who are fathered by his ex, and is wondering whether his current boyfriend can adopt his children. Sarah shared to me how he his ex has never been with his children and they know the current boyfriend as their dad.

Sadly, the biological dad is in prison for different cases and he has never given away his child rights. Sarah emailed me and asked on whether it was possible his current boy friend whom they aren’t legally married to adopt her children.

And as far as I know, this is my response to her just like she asked me to make it into a post so that even those who may be out there asking themselves the same question can find a possible answer.

My answer – As far as I know, the answer is most likely a NO. Obviously, the organic father needs to give up his children, and he needs to concur. This is frequently not a colossal issue for truant fathers subsequent to a significant number of them will effectively surrender parental rights to the mother’s new spouse, for instance.

Be that as it may, getting father to surrender his children is not the issue. Regardless of the fact that the kids had no bio father, there is no lawful support for a beau to receive his sweetheart’s youngsters. The kids as of now have a mother, and the mother and this man are not related in marriage, so this is not a customary gang.

There is no motivation to accept that this couple will stay together, and in such a situation, the judge should recompense the kids to an outsider. The kids would have the beau’s last name, which won’t be her last name. Anyway, this can get more muddled -a mother could likewise hazard losing her own youngsters sometime to this fellow who embraced them.

More interesting things have happened, and the Court is basically not going to include youngsters in a conceivably more awful circumstance than they are now in with two bio folks. Regardless of the fact that their dad surrenders his rights to them, and you are worried about who will bring up your youngsters on the off chance that you pass on, you needn’t bother with your beau, or anybody, to receive them. You would basically name the gatekeeper you pick in your Will, and make all procurements that are vital.

In the event that the bio father gives up his rights, and signs out of his children’s lives, and you wed your sweetheart, then your beau ought to experience no difficulty embracing. You will present to the court a legitimate marriage, a spouse, whose last name you impart, and who is currently a relative, and the main father-figure in the kids’ lives.

My closest companion did it, the biological father didn’t have an association with his five-year old girl when they separated, and he didn’t need one. He cheerfully consented to surrender his parental rights, completely mindful that the intention was for my companion’s new spouse to receive the youngster. It was all extremely basic.

If you still feel disturbed and need additional help, it will be better for you to seek advise of an attorney who will guide you thoroughly.

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